Hotchkiss has begun working with the University Technical Assistance Program at the University of Colorado Denver and sponsored by the Department of Local Affairs to provide an update to previous downtown plans for Hotchkiss that reflect the community today and into the future.


The opportunity to envision Bridge Street through town in a way that benefits the sense of place of Hotchkiss will benefit current and future generations by clearly presenting an environment that reflects the heart and soul of the community. The following survey was distributed on the town’s website and aimed to set the foundation of a placemaking plan that will be translated into design and aesthetic enhancements to Bridge Street and Downtown.


The survey received an overwhelming 304 responses, offering our team valuable insight into what the community of Hotchkiss would like to see in their downtown core and ways it can be improved. Our team will use these results to move forward in our design process, working to create a placemaking plan that truly reflects the people of Hotchkiss.

Explore the Results

Download the full survey results report here.

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